When you break it down you never realize how much of an impact a smile can make. Just by smiling you could make someone’s day, week, or even change someone’s life. My life goal is simple, to make one person smile everyday of my life. Now some of you may ask why I have such a stupid and trivial goal, if that is you it may be a better idea to stop reading because you probably will not care what I have to say.

A smile is the one biggest indicators that someone cares to me. Out of all the faces and reactions one can have they chose to share their biggest sign of joy with you, a smile. What I love is that joy ends up transferring through multiple people, becausesmile-quotes-steve-maraboli-10050 let’s be honest who is not happy when they see someone smile. My philosophy is to be the change, it only takes one person to start a chain reaction, so why not you or I. Simply smiling at someone shows that you care and love them, and everyone knows the world could use more of that. As Doctor King said, “hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Dr. King is right on this because with so much negativity in the world today we desperately need positive people. A smile is so powerful that you do not need a translator, everyone around the world understands it as love and joy!

In short lets spread the language the world needs so badly, the language of love. So next time you feel like you cannot make a difference just remember that smiles take people the extra miles.


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