Making the World a Better Place

I for one am not for telling people how act but caring for the planet is something that needs to be said. The lack of caring for the earth is concerning to me because it is so easy to fix. Ideally every person would take care of their own trash, the quickest solution, however that will never happen. The point I would like to make is that if you are passionate about the Earth please do what you can for your own community, or the community you are visiting.

Over Spring Break it finally clicked with me how negligent people are with what they dispose. I went to South Padre, Texas and with this being a more “hotspot” partying destination I figured that there would be a little more trash than usual. After the sun goes everyone heads home to relax and for many people, to recharge for the nightlife.

One day walking back from the Beach Party area one of my friends and I noticed a bunch of wires that looked like seaweed. We noticed that the service that cleans the beach picks up all the cans but does not pick up these little wires (that somehow come from the ocean). Retracing back a couple months I watched a video with a piece of this wire being pulled out of a turtle’s nose and blood going everywhere. Right as I was thinking about the video my friend started to pick up trash and it was right then and there we decided that we were going to pick up all the wire on our 45-minute walk on the beach back to our place. The point to make is that if us two college students can make a difference so can you!

Along the way, we had plenty of people look at us like we were crazy along the way but our hope was just to inspire at least one more person. My plea to you all is to better the world by doing your part, I’m not asking you to go out of your way and go change the world, I’m just asking you to clean up where you are at or places that are convenient for you.

Thanks again for reading my blog and have a wonderful weekend!


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