Why Accepting Everyone for Who they are is Important

My favorite thing about myself is that I will go out of my way to talk to and make every person feel valued. I never exactly knew why I feel the need to talk to everyone and get to know them but that is who I am. Meeting people and getting to know them is something that is important to me because I love being there for people and I love having them there for me. The truth is that when you meet people you never can expect the impact that you can have on their life or the impact that they can have on yours.

That impact can be something that can be as little as making someone smile to as biggest as helping them decide on life decisions.  The point is you have to accept people for who they are because that where real authenticity shows, if you understand and appreciate their perspective you build connections that could help you in ways that you would never think could be possible.

You never know how helpful you can be for someone that struggling, there are many individuals that need help and the craziness of todays society amplifies that so much more. As we were brought up in school we were taught about how people fight battles greater than just the day to day life, suicide, depression, so much more. I have seen this affect a handful of people in my life and after wondering why I go out of my way to make sure everyone is appreciated my solution is because it truly does matter.


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