Biggest College Takeaway

It seems like yesterday that I was a Freshman walking into my door room for the first time in Arey Hall. It is crazy how fast the time flies and it is unreal to thing that my education is all coming to an end. For starters, it has been one hell of an experience packed with valuable information and vital lessons that I can use for the road ahead of me. You see there are so many experiences that have helped me grow myself to be who I am today and I am thankful for each and every one, the good and the bad.

With that being said there are also so many other wonderful things that I will take away but the greatest thing for me is the friendships along the way. To me my friendships are incredibly important, as you have learned from my previous posts I always have had the goal to make people laugh or smile and value my friendships greatly. Life is only enjoyable if you have people to spend it with and throughout the years in college I have met many wonderful people who I can see myself talking and hanging out with for years to come. They say that after college you will not every see 95% of the people you met in college again.

My biggest lesson is to make a huge effort to find a strong 5% of people that stick with you through your life. People come and go but you need to make the effort to find those that are worth your time and keep them close because those are the people that can alter your life.


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